About County Broadband

County Broadband’s mission is to enable homes, organisations and businesses in rural communities to access their digital future by delivering fixed line fibre broadband to the premises or superfast wireless connections.

Our aim is to work collaboratively with the local community to ensure homes and businesses are connected to the fastest broadband network available.

We started out in 2003, providing just wireless services to homes in Essex by our CEO Lloyd Felton who wanted to get a broadband service to the office.

From there, the business grew and attracted investment from the Diocese of Chelmsford in 2013 – to this day, the Diocese remains an investor and supporter of the business.

In 2016 County Broadband built its first fibre to the home ultrafast network in Broughton, Cambridgeshire, delivering an ultrafast 1,000Mbps (1Gb) service to homes in the village, which then enabled homes to access one of the fastest broadband connections in the UK, at approximately 25 times the speed of copper broadband.

Two years later we received a major investment from Aviva Investors (read the news article) which will enable us to access £46 million funding to build our ‘True Fibre’ networks to homes in East Anglia, starting in Essex – our aspiration is to deliver True Fibre to communities across the region to replace the ‘Superfast Fibre’ (part copper-part-fibre) networks currently serving communities across these localities.

Today, County Broadband aims to offer rural communities access to superfast wireless broadband and fixed line ultrafast ‘True Fibre’ broadband.

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