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Currently most of the broadband connections in the UK feature a part-copper, part-fibre connection, referred to as ‘Superfast Fibre’ – copper is great for making pots and pans but it’s not designed to deliver the speeds your home internet needs require.

County Broadband is privately-funded, Essex-based company with a mission to deliver True Fibre broadband networks across the East of England to ensure homes and businesses get access to ‘Gigabit’, 1,000Mbps broadband.


True Fibre

A True Fibre connection is pure fibre optic cable from start to finish, meaning that (unlike ‘Superfast’ FTTC fibre) there’s no copper cable between your premises and the exchange – at all. The result is much, much faster internet.


County Broadband

We’re a local company based in Essex and we’ve been trading for more than 15 years, providing reliable broadband solutions to people in East Anglia.

We recently secured £46m of investment which we want to use to build True Fibre networks, starting in Essex and moving out across the East of England.

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How Does True Fibre
Compare to Superfast Broadband?

Find out how much fast our ultrafast fibre-to-the-home network could be in comparison to superfast broadband*. Speeds are representative of downloading a 5Gb HD film. Please click ‘calculate’ to get started.

Time to download a 5GB HD Film

1000Mbps County Broadband

46Mbps "Superfast"

10Mbps Broadband

*Speeds are representative of the average UK broadband download, as of 2018, of 46Mbps download and around 6Mbps upload. In comparison, County Broadband’s aim is to deliver a Gigabit (1,000Mbps) service, symmetrically (upload and download). Your speed will depend on the tariff you order from County Broadband.