Will I be able to get Sky Sports/BT sport?

At the moment, the only way of getting BT sports is if you have BT broadband contract, or if you have a Sky Contract.  So if you want BT Sport, you will need one of these services.  We like many other ISP’s don’t think this is very fair, and we know this is being looked at and may change, but the good news is Sky TV and Sky Sports is available over the internet either using the traditional sky GO service (for which you need to have a Sky installation), or by using a NOW TV box.

There are also a host of other “tv on demand” services such as those from Netflix and Amazon Prime and you can also watch nearly all terrestrial channels, such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as many more, either as “live tv”, or as part of their “catch-up” services through your broadband connection.