What if I move home before my contract with you finishes?

We really don’t want the fact you might be moving house to stop you ordering the service! So, for anyone who takes up the service with us now, If you move home before we start building the network, we will NOT charge you a cancellation fee. We very much hope the new owner/tenant of your home will want to enjoy Hyperfast Broadband and we will be happy to offer them the same pre-order terms as you have enjoyed. Please ask them to make contact with us.

If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t forget to tell your estate agent to put the fact you have access to Hyperfast broadband in the details. This can only but help make your home more attractive to a buyer!

If you move house after we have built the network, you can transfer the service to your new home, if we have a network in the area. Alternatively if the new occupier of your old property takes up the service with us then you are released from your contract. You will be expected to pay for the service for the duration of the contract until we are notified that one of these has happened.