Fibre for the Home

Say goodbye to copper with
True Fibre broadband for your home

County Broadband’s True Home Fibre packages deliver fibre optic cables to your home, offering you a future-proof connection capable of delivering 1Gb (1,000Mbps).

Unlike superfast fibre, our new network is free from the legacy of old copper cables, which slow down the connection, meaning you’ll have access to a reliable, future-proof connection enabling you to harness the full power of HD high definition streaming and downloading on multiple devices.

All of our packages are delivered through our fibre network and offer the reliability of a True Fibre connection and unlimited data packages*, meaning you can enjoy the fastest broadband connection for years to come.

Residential True Fibre Packages

Fibre 30

£39.99A 30Mbps connection, supported by the reliability of Full Fibre Broadband

Fibre 100

£44.99Go Ultrafast with our 100Mbps True Fibre broadband package

Fibre 250

£54.99Stream with confidence at home, enjoying speeds of 250Mbps

Fibre 500

£64.99Enjoy next generation, future-proof speeds with our 500Mbps service

Fibre 1,000

£74.99Enjoy the power of one of the fastest internet speeds available at 1Gb connection


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