I’m not really interested in faster broadband… why would I want this service?

Fibre Optic Broadband:

Reason 1 – You are future proofing!
With more and more services moving online, if you don’t think broadband is important to you now… the chances are it soon will be!  We predict it won’t be long before all TV services are delivered over the internet (and not over the airwaves).  We already have 4K TV (very high definition TV)… and 8K TV is already beginning to surface.  Having two TV’s working on 8K TV will in itself need much faster broadband!

Reason 2 – You will no longer need to pay for a separate phone line
Because you don’t need a separate phone line for our fibre broadband you can add the phone service for just £6 (whilst keeping your existing number). This will enable you to cancel your existing phone line completely and give you a fully inclusive phone and broadband service saving you £18.99 line rental plus the cost of calls

Reason 3 – Free Connection!
When we launch the service we will be offering a free connection… this is because we want as many people to join the service as possible, and because it will help us manage the engineering works… this alone will save you hundreds of pounds!

Reason 4 – Property Values
There has been many studies that show having very high speed Fibre Optic Broadband to your home available significantly increases the value of your property.  It’s really important, if you come to sell your home in future, that you advertise the fact your have ultra fast broadband – for most families now, broadband is as important as gas and electricity!  Letting them know just how fast your service is… will definitely make your home more attractive to any new buyers!

(Also, anyone who takes up service now, but then moves home while you are still within contract, won’t be charged any cancellation fee by us)