Get the most out of your WiFi router

For 20 years WiFi has been used by people around the world. Invented for consumers in 1997 and released for home use in 1999, WiFi revolutionised the way people used and accessed the internet.

Over 4.33 billion people where active internet users as of July 2019, encompassing 56 percent of the global population (

With us relying so much on a WiFi connection, it can be frustrating if your WiFi signal is not as strong as you would like. But there are things you can do to help boost your WiFi signal.

WiFi signals work through radio waves in the air. It is a router’s job to broadcast these frequencies to provide you internet.

WiFi works on the same principal as other wireless devices. WiFi use radio frequencies to send a signal between the different devices in your household from the router. The radio frequencies are completely different from TV, car radios, cell phones. For example, your car stereo receives frequencies in Kilohertz and Megahertz range (AM and FM stations), and Wi-Fi transmits and receives data in the Gigahertz range.

County Broadband’s high-performance fibre gateway routers are duel band routers, this means that they produce two different frequencies.

One of the frequencies that the router produces is 2.4GHz. This frequency travels further throughout the home, meaning that the WiFi signal will reach to more parts of your property but the WiFi speed can be potentially slower. This frequency is better suited for older equipment and devices further away for the router.

The other frequency the router produces is 5GHz. Although this frequency doesn’t travel as far in your home 5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance. Therefore, making this better for newer products like Apple branded goods.

As a rule of thumb, if your product requires more bandwidth you should make sure it is as close to your router as it can be for a stronger signal.

For devices like a SmartTV, we recommend that you wire them directly into your router using a CAT5 (Ethernet) cable to get the required speeds for it to work effectively.

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To ensure your router reaches as much of your property as possible, it is important to consider the location of your router.

James Pallent, Technical support for County Broadband says: “Make sure your router is in a central location in your property so your WiFi signal can travel to all areas in your property. It is also important to make sure that you keep your router in an open area because believe it or not, things like range cookers, thick walls and even fish tanks and interfere with your WiFi signal.”

“It will also help if you place your router away from any other WiFi enabled devices, for example cordless phones, other routers and WiFi enabled printers, as these can also interfere with your WiFi signal causing interference that will effect your wireless speeds. If you are experience any issues that you will like us to clarify, please feel free to give us a call on 01376 562002.”

If you follow all of this advice, you will be able to get the most out of your router and enjoy the Hyperfast speeds our fibre network has to offer.

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