How do I make phone calls using County Broadband?

Essentially, in exactly the same way you make phone calls at the moment! You will either need a small adaptor (which we can supply for £49) that your old phone will plug into and which is plugged into your broadband router, or you will need an internet enabled phone, but aside from that the process of making calls is exactly the same. You even get to keep your current phone number if you want.

How Long is the Contract?

The contract period will be 24 Months.  We will have lower contract periods in future, but these will be associated with paid-for connection charges. Anyone who takes up service with us now, but then moves home while still within the contract period, won’t be charged any cancellation fee by us.

What if I move home before my contract with you finishes?

We really don’t want the fact you might be moving house to stop you ordering the service! So, for anyone who takes up the service with us now, If you move home before we start building the network, we will NOT charge you a cancellation fee. We very much hope the new owner/tenant of your home will want to enjoy Hyperfast Broadband and we will be happy to offer them the same pre-order terms as you have enjoyed. Please ask them to make contact with us. If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t forget to tell your estate… [Read More]

When will the service be available ?

It is going to be approximately six months before we will be able to connect the first premises in the village (this allows for planning, engineering and equipment lead-times) and it will take approximately six months to finish the project.  So we are planning to have the whole project completed by next summer, but we have taken the precaution of allowing a further six months for contingencies such as bad weather, planning delays and any unforeseen engineering challenges. This is a major engineering project that will ensure your village has one of the fastest communications networks in Europe and will… [Read More]

Will I be able to get Sky Sports/BT sport?

At the moment, the only way of getting BT sports is if you have BT broadband contract, or if you have a Sky Contract.  So if you want BT Sport, you will need one of these services.  We like many other ISP’s don’t think this is very fair, and we know this is being looked at and may change, but the good news is Sky TV and Sky Sports is available over the internet either using the traditional sky GO service (for which you need to have a Sky installation), or by using a NOW TV box. There are also a host of other “tv on demand”… [Read More]

Can we use the fibre optic connection to watch live TV?

There are a host of “TV on demand” services such as those from Netflix and Amazon Prime and you can also watch nearly all terrestrial channels, such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as many more, either as “live TV”, or as part of their “catch-up” services – all of which you can enjoy using our fibre optic broadband.

Do we have to continue paying a line rental to BT (or similar)?

With the County Broadband Fibre to the Home service we are delivering a fibre optic cable all the way into your house. As a result the current BT phone line will not be needed any longer as you will receive all your broadband via the fibre optic cable and you can also receive your phone through this too (please see our broadband and phones section). This means you will no longer have to pay for the BT phone line – so you could cancel it completely (saving you up to  £18.99 per month)

Can we retain our existing phone number and old telephones?

Yes you can. When you request a phone service from us we will ask if you wish to retain your number. If you do we will need to request that your number is transferred across to our network (much the same way as transferring a mobile phone number) and this process can take up to 4 weeks. Furthermore we can provide a small adaptor to allow your existing analogue phone to be connected to our internet phone service. It is all very simple and very easy.

I’m not really interested in faster broadband… why would I want this service?

Fibre Optic Broadband: Reason 1 – You are future proofing! With more and more services moving online, if you don’t think broadband is important to you now… the chances are it soon will be!  We predict it won’t be long before all TV services are delivered over the internet (and not over the airwaves).  We already have 4K TV (very high definition TV)… and 8K TV is already beginning to surface.  Having two TV’s working on 8K TV will in itself need much faster broadband! Reason 2 – You will no longer need to pay for a separate phone line Because you don’t… [Read More]

How reliable is fibre to the home?

Fibre to the home is the most reliable way to deliver broadband. Because much of the network is buried in ducts (much like gas) it has a very high build cost (which County Broadband are covering) but this is balanced by the fact it requires almost no maintenance. Because the service is delivered by light waves and not by electrical current (like copper) it can deliver higher capacity speeds over much longer distances without any degradation to service. Furthermore fibre (unlike copper) has no re-sale value so it is highly unlikely that anyone will want to steal it!

Will I be able to keep my current email address?

In most cases, yes.  But you will need to check with your provider.  We don’t believe any provider should tie-in their customers with email accounts.  In fact, we recommend our customers use any of the many free web-hosted email services available, such as those offered by: Microsoft Live Google mail GMX Yahoo For more details on your options regarding a hosted email when you change your ISP please click here.

How much will I save using the fibre phone service?

Obviously… this very much depends on how much you use the phone! With our service you have a fully inclusive, anytime 7-day-a-week call package. Because you don’t need a separate phone line for our fibre broadband you can add the County Broadband phone service for just £6 (whilst keeping your existing number). This monthly subscription includes unlimited calls to UK landlines, so you will be able to cancel your existing phone line completely, saving you £18.99 fixed line rental from BT, and as you can make unlimited UK landline calls at any time of the day with the County Broadband… [Read More]

What if I live on the outskirts of the village – will I still be able to get the fibre service?

If you live on the outskirts of the village, we would still like you to regsietr your interest now.  This will allow us to see who on the outskirts wants service, and helps us plan how we would extend the reach of the network to you. We hope we may be able to offer you a connection on the same terms, particularly if there is an option to use “soft-dig” fields and ditches.  However, we may look at alternative options, such as offering service on a longer contract (allowing for an extended guarantee pay-back on our investment) or offering to… [Read More]

What if I am already in a contract with another provider?

At this stage we are exploring whether there is sufficient demand for us to build a Fibre to the Home project.  Assuming there is we will ask people to sign a pre-order agreement which gives us a certain period of time to build the network and for you to arrange the cancellation of your current provider.

How Do I Connect to Fibre to the Home (FTTH) ?

A visual overview of how we install Fibre to the Home. Please note that where possible, we aim to deliver our installations underground but in some circumstances we may need to explore an overhead solution in local villages. This will involve utilising poles and attaching our fibre cable to the poles to bring fibre to your property.